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About author - Dmitry Yuryev

I've studied something like biophysics at MIPT. It's a perfect place to become a physicist but I was assigned to some idiotic project strangely targeted at dull physiological fields of biomedicine absolutely incompatible with receiving good physical education. Three years of perfectly meaningless diploma practice I spent at inst of experimental cardiology . I was sitting there next room to daughter of Trofim Lysenko - nothing personal, she was nice and well educated woman I even saw her then twice in academic libraries. I mean just that I worked at VERY obscure places.

I was absorbed by my vaccines theories very soon after graduating from MIPT, thanks God to that time I had got sufficent wits to keep this work underground. Then I also worked at Bach inst of bichemistry. Incidentally there I stumbled again upon Lysenko trail - I heard there rumours that Trofim Denisovich also worked at Bach institute after his fall in 1965 until death in 1976, yet I do not see today this information in modern Lysenko biographies so I am not sure...
Science was more cheerful, I did there several nice methodolgical works on affinity analysis (chemical kinetics). I like best this one Refining Cheng-Prusoff Equation involving an effective analytical solution to cubic polinomial. Later these affinity works proliferated into another "political" work "Statistics of Scientific Fraud" estimating percentage of fabricated data in biomedical publications at 10% which was twice plagiarized by academic bureacracy - by Office of Research integrity and by Nature editors.

Concerning qualifications in rocketry, my military specialty in MIPT was on UR-100. And by family roots I belong to Khrunichev space center (where it was manufactured). My father spent there almost whole life, in 50ies he was a komsomol leader and later a small chief in construction bureau expertising on weight optimization. He had written several booklets on the subject. He finally ruined his constructor career in 80ies fighting for using traditional metals against actively promoted composites. The decision to step him down was made by drunk D.A.Polukhin during alcoholic party - story was plainly told in memoirs by E.S.Kulaga - another participant of compotation.
PS Surprisingly, in 2017 Khrunichev produced a totally metallic nose cone for Proton-M, naturally with no reference to works by my father.

email: dyuryev(a)yandex.ru

PS I have no specific personal relationships to lasers and Jews.